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Relaxation and wellbeing.

A little CBD goes a long way towards a relaxed, stress-free you and a soothing slumber.


A great way to kick back with your favourite therapeutic e-liquid.

Great Brands at Great Prices

Here’s a selection of our brands. We aim to offer the widest range of tried and tested names in the market.

Celtic Wind Crops
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Tried, tested and trusted CBD. It's Our Way

Here at Peaches and Calm our goal is to give you lifestyle CBD to supplement a balanced health regime, as a more natural way to de-stress. We’ve selected a wide range of products in every form, from CBD oils, e-liquids, drops and capsules to skincare and edibles. Whether you’re new to CBD or an experienced user, we have tastes and strengths to fit your style.

In order to give you the best choice, we discuss with our suppliers how products are received in the CBD community. That way, we always carry the most popular items. But they have to meet our standards of quality, legality and taste, so we know they're legal in the UK.

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Experts in all aspects of CBD

We've spent ten years in this sector, building up knowledge of CBD, and building customer relationships based on going the extra mile in customer service. Our gold standard is excellent service, pricing and products, and with a strong record of on-time shipping and delivery.

So welcome to the Peaches and Calm community. We’ll aim to give you open and honest advice based on our lengthy experience, and we hope you’ll keep coming back. And of course, we can guarantee there is not a single product on our site that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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