CBD, It’s in our Nature.

CBD is an age-old herbal remedy that is being rediscovered as we turn to nature for its nurturing and wellness benefits.  Every day, more benefits are discovered from the amazing hemp plant, packed with natural chemicals that act throughout the body.

Peaches and Calm want to help you find a more natural way of managing your wellbeing, using carefully selected CBD products for all aspects of your life. We seek out high quality, lab-tested brands, chosen for you.

We supply legal CBD products extracted from the finest hemp, from suppliers who pride themselves on purity and quality. They’re packed with cannabidiols, flavonoids and terpenes but low in THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. We’ve chosen a wide range of convenient ways to take CBD. You can choose  from CBD Oils and CBD Vapes,  CBD Isolate, CBD Edibles ands Drinks, or CBD skincare and bath treatments.

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Every day, more wellness benefits are being discovered for Cannabidiol (CBD). You can think of it as a nutritional supplement which complements our natural health. You might want to use it for relaxation or sleep, or to maintain a state of calm, or you might want to explore its use for other health conditions.

That’s why the Peaches and Calm team pride ourselves on helping you on that journey. We use only major, trusted brands with verified lab reports to ensure quality. We’ve selected a wide range of products, from CBD Oils to skincare, gummies and e-liquid, so you can take CBD when and where you want, at a strength that suits.

We’ve built our reputation on transparency and knowledge, and so we’ll always answer your questions to help you make an informed decision on the right products for you. We only work with suppliers that pass our vigorous testing process to become, trusted delivery partners.

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We want to improve your world by delivering high-quality and authentic CBD products that really deliver tangible benefits, supported by expert knowledge and clear, simple guidance.